Book Buzz: 52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles by Dr. Catherine Braswell

As believers, we were taught from a very young age to read, study, and learn God's word. However, as time goes by, we tend to veer away from what we have learned from the Bible. Even though the scripture is still familiar, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to turn to it in our daily lives. 

The world that we live in is designed to distract us from God's words. It is full of things that beg for our attention until, if we are not vigilant, these distractions will occupy most of our lives. As believers living in a world that keeps us from God, we need to immerse ourselves deeper in His Word.

52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles: A Guide to Practice What You Preach or Teach. How to Live the Word of God from Day to Day! by Dr. Catherine Braswell is a guide for believers to walk in the Word of God every day. The book offers 52 weeks of Biblical Principles to equip Christians to face life's challenges, big and small.

Each week, the book offers a biblical principle for believers to ponder. The Word of God is living and dynamic, and it is only through our daily communion with it that our spirituality can be nourished. With each Biblical principle, Dr. Braswell includes a study guide to understand the context of the scripture. Then, a section called Practical Applications teaches us how to apply these principles in our daily lives. She also includes related Bible verses to ponder.

In 52 Weeks, believers get to experience the scripture in a whole new way. This book is not a replacement for the Bible, but it is a beautiful guide that can be used to study God's Word individually and as a group.

When we learn God's word daily, it becomes easier for us to have access to His wisdom and grace in any given life situation. 52 Weeks is an invitation for Christians to get reacquainted with God's Word, trust in His faithfulness, and be a blessing to others by our walk as Christians.

52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles by Dr. Catherine Braswell

320 Pages

ISBN 9781543482591

Dr. Catherine Braswell is the Founder, President, and CEO of "The Hand of God School of Biblical Studies/Ministries, Inc." in Swainsboro and Wadley, Georgia. She is married to Varick Braswell and has three grown children Andrea(Scott), James(Natoshia), and Kenneth(Khaleedah). She also has thirteen grandchildren. She has worked as a licensed practical nurse in Jefferson and Emanuel counties for over twenty years. She earned her degree in Doctor of Ministry from The Institute of Theology and Ministry Training in Orlando, Florida. She is now working full time in the ministry and as the pastor of the Hand of God Ministries in Wadley, Georgia.