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BookAvolare. Where we make readers care. Where readers discover. 


We are a group of bloggers, editorial assistants, publicists, virtual assistant for authors, and book retailers who believe that a good book can indeed change lives.

We aim to bring in and share our innovative ways of pitching books directly to readers, retailers and, trade partners to emerging titles and authors—to make it a little less daunting and more evenly competitive even 'playing' alongside heavily funded titles.

Marketing is not an exact science. Some make the connection while some don't. It is a matter of making the reader care about the book.

With our growing partnerships and networks, we believed that book promotion is also about building relationships  to make a book fly high and travel wide!

Our Services:

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About our BookAvolare Discoverability Platform

Many authors secretly wish book marketing would just magically happen. We understand how authors want to focus on writing than try to figure out how to sell books.


Unfortunately, book sales don’t just happen.

We understand how frustrating it can be for authors to sell and market book their own books.  What is more frustrating is when authors pay unfairly high price for marketing services. Which is why we bring in the BookAvolare Book Discoverability Platform to authors.


It's a blogging service. We craft blogs or branded content.  It stays forever in our website.  It is one of our favorite ways  to build an audience for our authors and sell more books.


Try it! 


And we don't stop at blogging! We inform our networks about your book, including retailers and indie brick-and-mortar. Blogging has proven itself as a powerful medium to get the message out.


That's it. Want to try? 

We are doing our best to save the Rhino too!

Together, we can stop poaching!

For inquiries, please email us at info@bookavolare